29 Apr 2016, 11:56 AM Singapore Time
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Security Alert: Malware "Dyreza"

"Dyreza" Malware has been recently found spreading on banking websites. For more information on the Malware and how you can be protected, please click here.

Interbank GIRO

From 23 March 2015, the current interbank GIRO will be upgraded. This is an industry wide initiative. Click here for more details.
There will be improvements to how you send GIRO payments and additional transaction details provided for bulk payments in the Account Statement to ease your account reconciliation. For more details, please download and print the Enhanced GIRO-BIB Guide.pdf

FAST Payment

Make a FAST payment if you need to make an immediate interbank, SGD payment in Singapore of SGD50,000 or less.
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If you require assistance to login to UOB Business Internet Banking, please email us at  Business.Internet.Banking@UOBgroup.com.

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